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DC can be the greatest city in the country. We have the money, talent, and diversity. But even though DC government spends more per citizen than any other city in the country, our elected officials have not been able to unleash our potential. I’m running for DC Council At-Large to do government differently.

I bring new, qualified leadership that embraces an innovative perspective on the problems that we need to address together as a city. Whether I’m implementing solutions to rebuild public safety, fix our affordable housing crisis, or create an environment where small businesses can thrive, opportunity and accountability will be at the center of my approach.

Let’s live up to our potential and build a DC that works for everyone because DC Deserves Better.

  • Executive at a Fortune 10 company with 20 years of operation and financial management experience across the globe;
  • Helped residents returning from prison launch businesses they own that generate millions in taxable revenue and employ ~40 DC residents;
  • Leads corporate responsibility at a health company serving 130 million people annually;
  • History of impactful results in DC incubating small businesses, improving health equity, and supporting young people to reach their full potential;
  • A record of service, including opening his home to men coming home from prison, board member of non-profit accelerator and venture firm for Black and Women-owned businesses, and mentor to at-risk and foster youth in DC.
A Liveable City
My commitment is that I will listen to all voices across the city and give everything I have to make sure we are creating a safe, prosperous, racially and economically equitable city.
Racial Equity
I believe we should approach all our public policy with a racial equity lens, and through that work, create a city where every person in DC feels that they are valued and get to share in the success of the city.
Fundamental Benefits to All
I also believe that we should create public policy with a lens toward ensuring the basic services of the city work for everyone, that we hold every person accountable for their actions, and that we believe in the inherent value, dignity, and divinity of each person. That means that we believe each person can succeed to the best of their abilities, and we treat each person with the assumption that they can be great.
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Say about graham
Catherine Castillo

Graham and I were colleagues for a number of years.  His leadership shaped our organization’s focus on health equity.  I believe he could similarly shape DC policy toward addressing some of our biggest challenges. I believe in Graham as a person and as a leader.

Melissa Bradley

Graham has ‘walked the walk’, advancing economic health and racial equity, including serving on the board of the non-profit I lead accelerating and funding Black & Women-owned businesses.

Rebecca Katona

My husband and I have known Graham for many years. He’s always been active in helping others, but what I most appreciate about him is that he looks at problems from all sides. He’s the type of person I trust to be a leader who will ensure that my three kids grow up in a great environment.