How To Cancel GrooveBook? A Step-by-Step Guide!

How To Cancel GrooveBook? Are you finding it a bit challenging to navigate the world of subscription services? Perhaps you’ve subscribed to GrooveBook, the popular photo-printing app, but now you’re wondering how to cancel it. You’re not alone! Many GrooveBook users have faced this same dilemma, and we’re here to help you through it. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple yet often elusive process of canceling your GrooveBook subscription. So, if the words “Cancel GrooveBook” have been on your mind lately, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Cancel Groovebook

GrooveBook is known for its convenience in turning your smartphone photos into tangible keepsakes, but sometimes, circumstances change, and you may need to part ways with your subscription. Whether you’re looking to switch to a different photo printing service or you simply don’t require monthly prints anymore, understanding the GrooveBook cancellation process is crucial. But fear not, we’re not here to make it complicated. In fact, we’ll break it down into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that you can cancel your GrooveBook subscription hassle-free.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the power to cancel your GrooveBook subscription whenever you want, without jumping through hoops or endless customer service calls. By the end of this article, you’ll not only have the knowledge to confidently cancel GrooveBook but also the assurance that you can take control of your subscription services with ease. Our step-by-step guide will empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your subscription, allowing you to manage your finances and preferences effortlessly.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets to GrooveBook cancellation, continue reading to discover how to initiate the process and wave goodbye to monthly charges. Taking action has never been this straightforward!

How to Cancel GrooveBook Online?

GrooveBook is a popular photo printing service, but there may come a time when you need to cancel your subscription. Whether you’ve found an alternative service or simply don’t need it anymore, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of canceling your GrooveBook subscription online.

Important Tips Before You Begin:

  • Ensure you have the GrooveBook app installed on your device.
  • Make sure you have access to the email address associated with your GrooveBook account, as you may need it for confirmation.
  • Understand that canceling your subscription means you will no longer receive monthly photo books from GrooveBook.

Now, let’s dive into the steps to cancel your GrooveBook subscription:

Step 1: Open the GrooveBook App and Access Your Account

Start by opening the GrooveBook app on your device. The app icon usually looks like a yellow square with a heart. Once the app is open, follow these steps:

  • Look for the “Account” icon at the bottom of the screen, usually represented by a silhouette or user icon.

Example: If you’re using an iPhone, the Account icon might look like a silhouette of a person at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap on the “Account” icon to access your GrooveBook account.

Step 2: Access the Subscription Settings

After tapping the “Account” icon, you’ll be taken to your account settings. To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  • Look for the “Subscription” tab or option within your account settings.

Example: On the Subscription tab, you may see details about your current subscription plan and payment information.

  • Tap on the “Subscription” tab to access your subscription details.

Step 3: Cancel Your Subscription

Now that you’ve accessed your subscription settings, it’s time to cancel your GrooveBook subscription:

  • Scroll down the page until you find the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Example: The “Cancel Subscription” button is usually located at the bottom of the Subscription tab.

  • Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Step 4: Confirm Cancellation

After clicking the “Cancel Subscription” button, GrooveBook will typically ask for confirmation to ensure you want to terminate your subscription. Here’s how to complete the cancellation:

  • Review the cancellation confirmation prompt carefully.

Example: The prompt may provide information about when your last photo book will be shipped and any other important details.

  • Confirm your decision by selecting “Yes” or a similar option.


  • Be sure to read any cancellation terms and conditions carefully, as they may vary depending on your subscription plan and current status.
  • Keep a record of the cancellation confirmation for your reference.
  • Double-check your email for any confirmation or follow-up messages from GrooveBook.

Canceling your GrooveBook subscription online is a straightforward process that allows you to stop receiving monthly photo books. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be able to successfully cancel your subscription through the GrooveBook app.

How to Cancel GrooveBook Via Email?

GrooveBook is a popular subscription service that allows you to receive a monthly photo book of your favorite photos. However, if you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so via email. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of canceling GrooveBook via email, including important tips and information.

Step 1: Prepare Your Request

To begin the cancellation process, you will need to draft an email requesting the cancellation of your GrooveBook subscription. Open the default email application on your device and create a new email.

Step 2: Create a Descriptive Title

In the subject line (Title Box) of your email, it’s important to clearly state your intention. You should use a title like “Request To Cancel GrooveBook Subscription.” This helps GrooveBook’s customer support team quickly identify the purpose of your email.

Example: Subject: Request To Cancel GrooveBook Subscription

Step 3: Provide Detailed Information

In the main body of your email, you should provide detailed information about your request. Be concise but informative. Mention the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your GrooveBook account email address
  • Your GrooveBook account number (if available)
  • A clear statement that you want to cancel your GrooveBook subscription

Example: Dear GrooveBook Support Team,

My name is [Your Name], and my GrooveBook account is registered under the email address [Your Email]. I am writing to request the cancellation of my GrooveBook subscription. Please assist me in this matter.

Step 4: Include Subscription and Personal Details

To expedite the cancellation process, it’s essential to provide any subscription details you have, such as your account number or billing information. Additionally, include personal information that GrooveBook may require to verify your identity.

Account Number: [Your Account Number]
Billing Address: [Your Billing Address]

Step 5: Send Your Email

Once you have filled out all the necessary information, send your email to GrooveBook’s customer support team at [email protected]. They will process your request as soon as they receive it.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Request To Cancel GrooveBook Subscription

Dear GrooveBook Support Team,

My name is [Your Name], and my GrooveBook account is registered under the email address [Your Email]. I am writing to request the cancellation of my GrooveBook subscription. Please assist me in this matter.

Account Number: [Your Account Number]
Billing Address: [Your Billing Address]

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. I look forward to your confirmation of the cancellation.

[Your Name]

Important Tips:

  • Double-check your email for accuracy: Ensure that all the information you provide, such as your account number and email address, is accurate. This will help GrooveBook process your request smoothly.
  • Keep a copy of the email: Save a copy of the cancellation email for your records. It can serve as proof of your cancellation request.
  • Follow up if necessary: If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time frame, consider following up with GrooveBook’s customer support to ensure your request is being processed.

By following these steps and providing the necessary details in your cancellation email, you can effectively cancel your GrooveBook subscription via email. Remember to be clear and concise in your communication to expedite the process.

FAQs about How To Cancel GrooveBook?

1. When did Groovebook stop its services?

Groovebook discontinued all its subscriptions, and all billings ended on April 8, 2022. No additional charges will be incurred after that date. It’s important to note that Groovebook charges were posted when completed books were shipped.

Example: If you were a Groovebook subscriber, you won’t see any charges from them after April 8, 2022, on your account statement.

2. How do I cancel my Groovebook subscription?

Since all Groovebook subscriptions have been discontinued, there is no need to cancel your subscription. You won’t see any new charges for Groovebook on your account after April 8, 2022.

Tip: Always double-check your account statement to ensure you’re not being charged for services you no longer use.

3. Did Shutterfly buy Groovebook?

Yes, Shutterfly, Inc. acquired Groovebook on November 17, 2014, for $14.5 million. This acquisition made Groovebook one of the most successful businesses to have appeared on the television show “Shark Tank.”

In-depth information: Shutterfly’s acquisition of Groovebook allowed the two companies to join forces and offer enhanced photo printing and sharing services to customers.

4. How much does Groovebook cost per month?

Groovebook used to cost $2.99 per month for a 100-photo flip-book. This pricing was confirmed as of May 22, 2013. However, please note that the mentioned promotional code may have expired, but Groovebooks were still priced at $2.99 per month at that time.

Example: In the past, you could get a monthly photo book of 100 photos from Groovebook for just $2.99.

5. What size are Groovebook photos?

Groovebook offers 4×6 photo prints in a bright, perforated photo book. For only $3.99 per month, you would receive this photo book with free shipping. Each month, you would be surprised with a new bold cover and a colorful spine to mark your dates.

Tip: This size is perfect for sharing photos with family and friends, as the perforated pages make it easy to tear and distribute the prints.

In-depth information: Groovebook’s monthly subscription service was designed to provide an affordable and convenient way for customers to enjoy their photos in a printed format.