How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership? Easy Guide!

How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership? Are you currently subscribed to My Fitness Pal but find yourself contemplating how to put an end to your membership? Whether you’ve achieved your fitness goals, or perhaps you’re exploring other fitness tracking options, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to cancel your My Fitness Pal Membership smoothly and hassle-free. No need to stress about the process; we’re here to provide you with all the information you need.

How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership

Attention, My Fitness Pal enthusiasts! We understand that circumstances change, and so do your fitness preferences. That’s why it’s essential to know the ins and outs of My Fitness Pal Membership cancellation. Maybe you’ve discovered a new fitness app or simply decided to take a different approach to your wellness journey. Whatever your reason, we’re here to guide you step by step on how to cancel your My Fitness Pal Membership securely.

Are you eager to regain control of your fitness tracking journey? The desire to understand the My Fitness Pal Membership cancellation process is a common one, and we’re here to help fulfill that desire. With our straightforward instructions, you’ll be able to bid farewell to your membership with confidence, allowing you to explore new fitness horizons or embrace a different approach to your fitness goals. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the process and take action on canceling your My Fitness Pal Membership today!

How to Cancel MyFitnessPal Membership on Android?

If you’re an Android user and want to cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, follow these steps to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you’re switching to a different fitness app or simply no longer need the premium features, here’s how to cancel your subscription:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store

Begin by launching the Google Play Store application on your Android device. This is where you manage all your app subscriptions.

Step 2: Ensure You’re Logged in

Make sure you are logged into the Google Play Store with the same Google account that you used to purchase your MyFitnessPal subscription. This is crucial to access and manage your subscriptions effectively.

Step 3: Access Your Profile

Tap on the profile icon, typically located at the top right corner of the Google Play Store home screen. This icon usually resembles your account avatar or initials.

Step 4: Navigate to Payments and Subscriptions

Once in your profile, scroll down and look for the “Payments and Subscriptions” option. This menu contains information about your payment methods and app subscriptions.

Step 5: Locate Subscriptions

Within the “Payments and Subscriptions” menu, find and select the “Subscriptions” option. This will take you to a list of all the subscriptions associated with your Google account.

Step 6: Find MyFitnessPal Subscription

Scroll through the list of subscriptions until you find the MyFitnessPal subscription. It may be listed with the app’s name or under a category like “Health and Fitness.”

Step 7: Cancel Your MyFitnessPal Subscription

Once you’ve located your MyFitnessPal subscription, tap on it to access the subscription details. You should see an option to “Cancel subscription.” Select this option.

Step 8: Follow the Cancellation Process

Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your cancellation. You may be asked to provide a reason for canceling your subscription, so make your selection accordingly. This step may vary slightly depending on the version of the Google Play Store you’re using.

Important Tips and Additional Information:

  • Check Your Billing Cycle: Ensure that you cancel your MyFitnessPal subscription before the next billing cycle to avoid any additional charges.
  • Review Cancellation Terms: Read any terms and conditions associated with canceling your subscription. Some subscriptions might have a minimum commitment period, and canceling early could result in fees.
  • Check for Confirmation: After completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation email from Google Play Store and MyFitnessPal. Keep these emails as proof of cancellation.
  • Contact Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions about canceling your MyFitnessPal subscription, don’t hesitate to reach out to MyFitnessPal’s customer support or the Google Play Store’s support team for assistance.

By following these steps and tips, you can successfully cancel your MyFitnessPal membership on your Android device, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How to Cancel MyFitnessPal Membership on iPhone or iPad?

MyFitnessPal is a popular fitness and nutrition tracking app that offers both free and premium memberships. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad and wish to cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, follow the step-by-step guide below. Cancelling your subscription will prevent automatic renewals and stop any further charges to your Apple ID account.

Important Tips Before Cancelling:

  • Make sure you cancel your MyFitnessPal subscription at least 24 hours before the renewal date to avoid any additional charges.
  • Once you’ve cancelled, you can continue to use the premium features until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • If you cancel but later decide to reactivate your subscription, you can do so by following the same steps and re-enabling the auto-renewal option.

Now, let’s dive into the steps:

Step 1: Access iPhone or iPad Settings

Open your iOS device and go to the “Settings” app on your home screen. It’s typically represented by a gear icon.

Step 2: Ensure You’re Using the Right Apple ID

Inside the “Settings” app, make sure you are signed in with the Apple ID that is associated with your MyFitnessPal subscription. You can check this by scrolling to the top and tapping on your Apple ID name.

Step 3: Navigate to iTunes & App Store

In the “Settings” menu, scroll down and find “iTunes & App Store.” Tap on it to access the settings for your Apple ID account.

Step 4: View Apple ID Details

Inside the “iTunes & App Store” menu, tap on your Apple ID, which can be found at the top of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear; select “View Apple ID” to proceed.

Step 5: Manage Your Subscriptions

After selecting “View Apple ID,” you will be prompted to authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or your Apple ID password. Once authenticated, you’ll be taken to the Account Settings page. Scroll down and locate the “Subscriptions” section, then tap on “Manage.”

Step 6: Disable Auto-Renewal for MyFitnessPal

  • In the “Manage Subscriptions” section, you’ll see a list of your active subscriptions. Find and tap on your MyFitnessPal subscription.
  • You will now see the details of your MyFitnessPal subscription. Look for the “Auto-Renewal” option and turn it off. This will prevent your MyFitnessPal subscription from automatically renewing.
  • As you complete this step, your MyFitnessPal membership will be successfully canceled, and it will not renew automatically in the future.

Remember that you can continue to enjoy the premium features of MyFitnessPal until the end of the current billing cycle. If you ever decide to re-subscribe, simply follow these steps again and re-enable the auto-renewal option.

By following these steps, you can easily manage and cancel your MyFitnessPal subscription on your iPhone or iPad, ensuring you have control over your fitness and nutrition tracking preferences.

How to Cancel Your MyFitnessPal Membership on the Website?

MyFitnessPal offers an easy way to manage your premium membership through its official website. If you’ve decided to cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, whether it’s due to personal reasons or you’re switching to a different plan, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process. Cancelling your premium membership is a straightforward task, but it’s essential to follow these steps correctly to avoid any future charges. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Access MyFitnessPal Website

Begin by opening your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device. Then, go to the official MyFitnessPal website by entering the URL ( in the browser’s address bar and hitting Enter.

Step 2: Log In to Your MyFitnessPal Account

Once you’re on the MyFitnessPal website, log in to your account using your credentials. Enter your registered email address and password, and then click the “Log In” button.

Step 3: Navigate to the Premium Section

After logging in, you’ll be directed to your My Home page. In the menu at the top of the screen, you’ll find various options. Click on the “Premium” option. This is where you can manage your subscription.

Step 4: Access Subscription Settings

Within the Premium section, you’ll see a submenu. Click on “Subscription Settings.” This is where you can make changes to your membership.

Step 5: Turn Off Auto-Renewal

In the Subscription Settings menu, locate the auto-renewal option for your currently active membership. It is typically listed under your membership details. To cancel your premium membership, switch the auto-renewal to “OFF.” This action will ensure that your premium membership won’t renew automatically when your current subscription period ends.

Important Tips:

  • Cancellation Timing: Make sure to cancel your premium membership well before the next billing cycle. This ensures that you won’t be charged for the upcoming period.
  • Confirmation: After turning off auto-renewal, it’s a good practice to double-check your account settings to confirm that your membership status has changed to “Cancelled” or “Not Renewing.”
  • Refund Policy: Be aware of MyFitnessPal’s refund policy. Depending on their terms, you may not be eligible for a refund after a certain period.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your cancellation, don’t hesitate to reach out to MyFitnessPal’s customer support for assistance. They can provide guidance and address your concerns.

Cancelling your MyFitnessPal premium membership through the website is a straightforward process, as long as you follow these steps carefully. Remember to check your account settings for confirmation, and be mindful of the timing to avoid any unexpected charges. If you need further assistance, the MyFitnessPal support team is there to help.

FAQs about How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership?

1. How do I leave MyFitnessPal?

To delete your MyFitnessPal account, follow these steps:

  • If you’re using an Android device:
    • Open the MyFitnessPal Android App.
    • Go to Menu >> Help >> Delete Account.

Please note that the steps may vary slightly based on your device. Always check the official MyFitnessPal support page for the most up-to-date instructions.

Example: “I want to delete my MyFitnessPal account. How can I do that?”

Tip: Ensure you’re logged into your account before attempting to delete it.

2. How do I get my money back from MyFitnessPal?

To request a refund from MyFitnessPal, you should:

  • Go to your Order History.
  • Find the specific order you want to return.
  • Select the option to Request a refund or Report a problem that aligns with your situation.
  • Complete the provided form and specify your desire for a refund.

Example: “I accidentally upgraded my MyFitnessPal account and immediately canceled it. How can I request a refund?”

Tip: Be clear and concise in explaining your situation when requesting a refund.

3. How much is MyFitnessPal per month?

MyFitnessPal offers a monthly subscription plan for $9.99. This subscription includes features such as a custom home screen dashboard, guided fitness and nutrition plans, customizable goals for carbs, protein, and fat, among other benefits.

Example: “What is the cost of a monthly subscription to MyFitnessPal?”

Tip: Keep in mind that subscription prices may change over time, so it’s a good practice to visit the official MyFitnessPal website for the latest pricing details.

4. Is MyFitnessPal Premium worth it?

Whether MyFitnessPal Premium is worth it depends on your preferences and needs. It offers a more streamlined and user-friendly calorie counting process. If you value simplicity and additional features like guided plans and customizable goals, it may be worth the upgrade.

Example: “Should I upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium? Is it worth the extra cost?”

Tip: Consider your specific fitness and nutrition goals when deciding if the Premium version aligns with your needs. You can also explore reviews and user feedback for more insights.