36 18th St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

My Priorities

public safety

Defending public safety is the primary responsibility of our government. You have the right to walk through the streets of DC, day or night, without fear of crime. But safety doesn’t have to come at the cost of progress. We can address systemic inequality in a way that supports underprivileged communities, makes us safer, and is fiscally responsible.

  • Enforce current laws, including prosecution and incarceration or diversion programs.
  • Fund and build the new DC jail based on therapeutic rehabilitation.
  • Implement reforms based on the NIJCR Gun Violence Reduction Strategic Plan.
  • Legislate to ensure safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians.
women’s and lgbtqia+ rights

I support a woman’s right to choose and the LGBTQIA+ community. Since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade it’s become clearer than ever that our rights are under attack. I will always defend DC residents’ rights against bigoted and exclusionary policies.

  • Protect against national laws that take away anyone’s rights.
affordable housing and home ownership

Rising rent prices, high mortgages, and limited affordable housing are hurting everyone. No one should have to struggle to pay for housing, especially in a city as prosperous as DC. I will make it a top priority to reduce the cost of living by investing in affordable housing and home ownership.

  • Lower rent prices by building more units across DC.
  • Enable low-income residents and young professionals to buy and live long-term in DC.
government accountability

DC government spends more per resident than any city in the country, but we have limited oversight on how our money is spent. We don’t have any data on the 500+ workforce programs in our city. We can and should have well-funded programs that support DC residents, but we need to know if they are effective.

  • Conduct oversight on spending so we can invest more in programs that work and save money on those that don’t.

Every student should be on a path to success, from their formative years to graduation. Every parent should have assurance that their child’s unique educational needs are being met. And every teacher should be supported.

  • Guarantee that no DC family spends more than 10% of their income on child care by funding Birth to Three Act.
  • Provide high-impact literacy tutoring to any 2nd grader not reading at grade level.
  • Ensure a high school apprenticeship program is accessible to every DC student.

In our city, transportation isn’t just about getting from point A to point B, it’s about community. And our cycling community, pedestrians, and drivers deserve to get around DC safely and efficiently. It’s also vital that we invest more in public transportation.

  • Create toll-based road pricing in and out of DC for non-DC drivers, generating $100M annually and reducing congestion.
  • Establish dedicated bus lanes across every major commuting corridor.

Government should implement policies that serve its citizens by making it easy for businesses and individuals to succeed.

  • Cut red tape for small businesses by creating a one-stop-shop portal for a DC business to interact with DC government.
  • Make employment access easier by eliminating licensure requirements on all occupations that do not impact public safety (ex. Interior designer, cosmetology professional).
  • Incentivize DC government employees to serve constituents effectively by creating a bonus structure based on constituent service performance.
  • Increase access to government benefits by enabling self-certification.

Community is the reason so many of us love our city. DC is filled with amazing people who work together to build community in all wards. I will always engage in our community and encourage others to join me!

  • Expand upon community-building initiatives like piloting pedestrian-only streets in five entertainment districts from 5 pm to 5 am.
  • Build a more inclusive DC by establishing a fund for across-ward resident-led dinners.