How To Cancel Origin Membership? A Step-by-Step Guide!

How To Cancel Origin Membership? Are you ready to level up your gaming experience or explore other gaming platforms? Perhaps your gaming preferences have evolved, or you’re looking to try something new. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering canceling your Origin Membership, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of canceling your Origin Membership step by step. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, canceling your Origin Membership should be a straightforward and hassle-free experience. So, let’s dive in and discover how to say goodbye to your Origin Membership when the time comes.

How To Cancel Origin Membership

Origin Membership has been your gateway to a world of exciting games and exclusive content, but there may come a time when you feel it no longer aligns with your gaming preferences or budget. Maybe you’ve explored all the titles you wanted to play, or perhaps you’re looking to explore other gaming platforms. Whatever your motivation, canceling your Origin Membership can free up resources for your gaming journey ahead. But before you proceed, it’s essential to understand the cancellation process thoroughly to ensure a seamless transition. We’ll cover every aspect to make sure you can confidently make this decision and take the necessary action to cancel your Origin Membership.

If you’re wondering how to cancel your Origin Membership and what steps to follow, you’re in luck. This article will guide you through the entire process, making sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. We’ll provide you with clear instructions, tips, and insights to ensure that canceling your Origin Membership is a breeze. So, if you’re ready to embark on this journey and learn the ropes of Origin Membership cancellation, keep reading. Your adventure begins now!

How to Cancel Your Origin Membership Online?

Origin is a popular gaming platform that offers a variety of services and memberships. If you’ve decided to cancel your Origin membership and prefer doing it manually through your EA Profile, follow these steps to ensure a smooth cancellation process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process in detail, provide examples, and offer some important tips along the way.

Step 1: Visit the Official EA Website

First, you need to access the official EA website. Open your web browser and go to

Make sure you are on the official website to avoid any potential scams or third-party websites.

Step 2: Sign In to Your Origin/EA Account

Before you can manage your Origin membership, you’ll need to sign in to your Origin/EA account. Click on the “Sign In” or “Log In” button, usually located in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Enter your email address and password associated with your EA account to log in successfully.

Step 3: Access EA Play

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be directed to your EA account dashboard. On the sidebar or navigation menu, look for the “EA Play” option. Click on it to access your EA Play settings.

Step 4: Navigate to the “Manage My Membership” Section

Within the EA Play settings, you should see various options related to your membership. Locate and click on the “Manage My Membership” option. This is where you can control your subscription settings.

Step 5: Cancel Your Membership

In the “Manage My Membership” section, you’ll find the “Cancel my Membership” option. Click on it to initiate the cancellation process.

Step 6: Follow the Cancellation Steps

After clicking “Cancel my Membership,” you’ll be guided through the cancellation process. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the cancellation. This might include confirming your decision, providing feedback, or selecting a reason for cancellation.

Important Tips and Considerations:

  • Check Billing Information: Before canceling your Origin membership, ensure that your billing information, such as your credit card details or payment method, is up to date. This will prevent any issues during the cancellation process.
  • Cancellations May Take Time: After completing the cancellation steps, be patient. The cancellation may not take effect immediately, and you may still have access to your membership benefits for the current billing period.
  • Keep Confirmation Emails: It’s a good practice to save any confirmation emails or receipts you receive after canceling your membership. These documents serve as proof of your cancellation in case you encounter any billing issues in the future.
  • Consider Alternatives: If you’re canceling your membership due to cost concerns, consider exploring other subscription options, such as different membership tiers or bundles that EA offers.

Remember that canceling your Origin membership means you’ll lose access to its benefits, including free games, early access, and discounts. Ensure that you’ve made an informed decision before proceeding with the cancellation.

By following these steps and considering the tips mentioned above, you can successfully cancel your Origin membership online through your EA Profile. If you ever change your mind, you can always reactivate your subscription through the same account settings.

How to Cancel Origin Membership via Customer Service?

If you’re looking to cancel your Origin membership and need assistance, you can do so through the EA Help Center. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process and provide additional tips to ensure a smooth cancellation experience.

Step 1: Sign in to Your EA Account

Begin by visiting the official EA website ( and sign in to your EA account. Make sure you use the credentials associated with your Origin membership.

Step 2: Navigate to the Help Center

Once you’re signed in, locate and click on the “Help Center” page. This is where you’ll find the information and tools you need to cancel your membership.

Step 3: Access the “Contact Us” Link

On the Help Center page, look for the “Contact Us” link and click on it. This will initiate the process of getting in touch with EA’s customer support.

Step 4: Choose Your Platform

After clicking “Contact Us,” you’ll be presented with various options. Find and click on the “EA Play” icon, and then select the platform you are using (e.g., PC, Xbox, PlayStation).

Step 5: Select “Manage”

Within the EA Play section, you will see an option to manage your membership. Click on it to proceed.

Step 6: Request Cancellation

Once you’re in the membership management section, locate and click on the “Cancel Membership” option. This will start the cancellation process.

Step 7: Choose Your Preferred Contact Method

A “Select Contact” option will appear. Here, you can choose how you would like to contact EA’s customer support for cancellation. You have three options:

  • Phone: You can opt for a phone call to discuss your cancellation request.
  • Email: Select this option if you prefer communication via email.
  • Live Chat: If you want instant assistance, go for the live chat option.

Step 8: Initiate the Cancellation Request

After selecting your preferred contact method, follow the prompts to request the cancellation of your Origin membership. Provide any necessary information and details to assist the customer support representative in processing your request.

Important Tips:

  • Be Prepared: Before starting the cancellation process, gather all relevant information, such as your EA account details, membership information, and payment details.
  • Cancellation Window: Keep in mind that there may be specific cancellation windows or policies associated with your Origin membership. Review these details on the EA website or contact customer support for clarification.
  • Customer Support Availability: Check the EA Help Center for the hours of operation and availability of customer support. Ensure you contact them during their working hours for a faster response.
  • Confirmation: Once your cancellation request is processed, ask for confirmation or a reference number for your records. This can be useful for future reference if needed.

By following these steps and considering the tips provided, you can effectively cancel your Origin membership via EA’s customer service. Remember to be patient and courteous when dealing with customer support representatives for a smooth experience.

FAQs about How To Cancel Origin Membership?

1. How do I cancel my EA Origin membership?

To cancel your EA Origin membership, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Origin account.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner, hover over “EA ID.”
  • Select “EA Account and Billing.”
  • Choose “Origin Access.”
  • Under ‘Membership Information,’ select “Cancel Membership.”
  • Select “Continue” to confirm the cancellation.

Example: If you have a monthly subscription to Origin Access and you want to stop the recurring charges, you can use these steps to cancel it.

Important Tip: Make sure to check for any outstanding charges or game subscriptions tied to your Origin account before canceling to avoid unexpected charges.

2. How do I stop payment on Origin?

Stopping payment on Origin can be achieved by canceling your EA Play membership. Once canceled, you won’t be charged again.

Example: If you’ve decided to stop using EA Play and want to prevent further charges, you can cancel your membership using the appropriate method.

Important Tip: It’s essential to complete the cancellation process and verify that your membership is indeed canceled to avoid any future charges. Ensure you keep a record of your cancellation confirmation.

3. How do I unsubscribe from EA?

To unsubscribe from EA, you can follow these steps:

  • Access your EA account settings.
  • Look for the EA Play section in the left menu.
  • You may have the option to change the payment method or cancel the subscription there.

Example: If you have an EA Play membership and wish to end your subscription, these instructions can help you do so.

Important Tip: Always double-check the cancellation process, as it may vary depending on your specific EA account settings. Make sure to review any associated terms and conditions.

4. How do I cancel my EA auto renewal?

To cancel the auto-renewal for EA Play membership on PlayStation, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” on your PlayStation.
  • Navigate to “Account Management.”
  • Select “Account Information.”
  • Choose “PlayStation Subscriptions.”
  • Locate “EA Play” and select “Turn Off Auto-Renew.”

Example: If you have EA Play linked to your PlayStation account and want to prevent it from automatically renewing, these steps will guide you through the process.

Important Tip: Be sure to perform this action before your subscription’s renewal date to avoid being charged for another billing cycle. Keep track of when your subscription expires.